Hotels and resorts are two completely different places and both places give you a different experience. One should experience both the places during the holidays.   


A hotel is a place that provides two main facilities which are lodgings and meals. Hotels are for the people who travel from one place to another for any reason it could be attending any conference, office work, event or holidays. A hotel is a place where people stay for a change when they want to go far away from their home or from people probably fed up with their daily lives, the hotel would be the best option to live. Most of the hotels are near to railway stations or near the airport because it is convenient for the people. The reason for the hotel is to provide meals and accommodation. Most of the hotels are luxurious and five stars but also provide the same facilities, in addition, they provide pool and gym services as well but nothing more than that.


The resort is a place where you find everything it is like a complete package. The resort offers the best view which you may not find anywhere in the city. Resorts are the best option for the people who are on holidays. The reasons for the resort are not only to provide accommodation and meal but even the resorts also provide a complete package for your holidays. Resorts include a pool and spa as well. Most of the resorts are near to the beaches which are the best holiday destinations. You may find everything in the resort for your entertainment. If a person planning holidays then they should book a family resort for enjoyment and at the same time, parents can keep their eye on their kids activates. There are a few resorts that also provide shopping facilities and all the fun activities. Resorts can be ideal holiday destinations.


There is a huge difference between a hotel and a resort. Most of the hotels are situated in the business areas or near to the airport because hotels are not optioned when you are on holidays. Resorts are the perfect place to spend holidays. Most of the resort located near to beach or island because of the serene view.


Facilities make the vast difference between hotel and resort because the hotel only provide meals and Samoa accommodation deals not more than that but the resort provides a complete package which include meals, accommodation, spa, pool, gym, fun activities, and much more.

Sinalei reef resort is one the best family resort in the whole world they provide all the facilities which one could ask for their holidays, they have different packages for the families, friends and couples. If you live in Samoa and planning your holiday then you must visit sinalei reef resort for your holidays.