weatherboard nz

It’s important to use a cladding material that is long-lasting for your new house or refurbishment. A complete 25-year warranty and excellent support from helpful, informed staff are provided with all our weatherboards and components. Your new house will have a beautiful finish thanks to our Weatherboard System in NZ, which also helps you save money by making construction easier. The Envira line of weatherboards comes in three different styles: shiplap, rusticated, and bevel back. Boxed corners, side soakers, scribes, window sills, and facing boards are all part of the matching component system. Included in the Envira Weatherboard System is everything required to finish the cladding on your home, resulting in a long-lasting weather-tight finish and substantial labour and installation cost savings.

Every time, excellent weatherboards 

Quality timber is produced via modern kiln drying, and resin levels and moisture level are regulated throughout the entire manufacturing process. Six metres long and free of any timber flaws, outstanding finger jointed weatherboards are precisely, steadily, and precisely constructed, with a smooth, uniform finish. Weatherboard NZ is made to last thanks to a high-quality Resene alkyd-based primer finish. A naturally occurring preservative called LOSP shields every Envira weatherboard. The boards are kept safe from insects and decay for a full 25 years with this biodegradable and safe preservation technique. Specifically designed for the New Zealand climate, Envira weatherboards include two coats of high-quality, UV-resistant alkyd primer that was created in collaboration with Resene.

Redefining Wall Elegance

Having been in business for more than 50 years, we provide genuine, high-quality handmade wall panels NZ. Our large and flexible veneer wall panels have their original relief from real walls that have weathered character to them. In your home or place of business, every panel made of fibreglass is expertly crafted to bring walls to life. Our Wall Panels’ natural texture and colour are pleasing to the touch and sight. They seem like natural brick, wood, stone, and concrete based on how they feel and look. As little as 24 hours can be spent installing the five simple stages, which change walls. Our wall panels NZ are regularly selected by both national and international companies. Renowned architects, designers, business owners, and property owners also profit greatly from these advantages. We reflect the style and goals of the company while adhering to the brief and adding value. We provide something special while adhering to the requirements and expressing the style and company goals. As the newest trends in exterior and interior design emerge, new designs are added on a regular basis. To further expand on the possibilities for creating a distinctive finish, creative finishing techniques like painting, distressing, and plastering can be used. Fully fitted wall panels NZ can be viewed at reference locations including walls, ceilings, countertops, and beams found all around Australia and New Zealand. If you’re in Auckland, schedule a meeting at our office to discuss your project and see the large panel portions. Speak with Us. A broad choice of paneling designs, including industrial, painted brick, natural brick, rustic timber, and more, are available in the our Wall Panel line.