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Stones are so easily to have but to give them a shape is something difficult and unique at the same time, there are so many things which are produced by stones like; marble, statues, gems, jewels and headstones. The most unique thing which is created by the stones is the headstones or memorials, they are hard to create but last forever, and stones are likely to keep the memories safe especially for those who left the world. The love ones who leave this world people want a memory for themselves which will be with them forever and stones are successfully making this possible. People who lost their love ones won’t be able to make the decision regarding the memorial or building restoration companies.

There is a basic difference between the too, memorial is a strong hard made of best custom headstones anything that make the reminder for the person who leave this world, it can be anything a saying engrave on the coffin or a statue that resemble with the love one, it can be anywhere depending upon the pocket, like statue of any martyrdom or the president these memorial are usually for rich and famous people but not restricted to them only anyone can make anything for the love one. There are people who built any park or mosque depending upon the person likeness. The headstone is basically used to make any grave recognize because in any graveyard it is hard to find out the right grave which person wants to visit, this is the common and known thing which almost everyone does for their love ones, headstone put on the grave of the person with his name, date of birth, and if anyone want to add any quote or loving saying than it can be embossed on that stones as well.

Headstone and memorial both made up of hard stones which going to last forever, these stones has the ability to bear the climate changes and if any disaster cause the damage of the grave or headstone then this will be repair by stone restoration companies, it is procedure that repair the scratches on the stones or any cracks can be repair though restorations. Memorials can be built in any size depending upon the wish. The basic reason to make the memorials and headstones from stones because they are very strong and will last for a longer time period and engrave can be used by anything mostly it is done by golden and silver colors, engrave look beautiful on stones and it is done very neatly by the people, some people prefer to engrave any shape or design that make the headstone unique and can easily recognized in hundreds of graves.