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The Basics Of Tax Accounting

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Tax accountant based in lane cove helps around tax filing and tax returns rather than the preparation of financial statements. Taxation policies devised by the government influence an array of economic factors- employment levels, the balance of trade, Inflation levels, etc.

Tax rates vary for the different kinds of taxpayers. Generally, we identify taxes as either progressive or regressive after comparing the amount of tax paid with the individual’s income.

Progressive taxes are the taxes in which the proportion of tax rises with the income. Income tax is a good example of progressive tax, as income of any individual increases, they are required to pay higher amounts of tax than the other individuals earning relatively lower.

Regressive taxes are the taxes in which the proportion of tax is inversely proportional to the income. The less the income of an individual, the higher the taxes he would have to pay. The sin taxes on tobacco and gambling are a classic example of regressive taxes where the individuals with lower incomes are highly affected as more of the tax burden falls on them.

Types of taxes

1. Income tax: It is the tax paid on the income by every working individual. The ranges of taxes vary from 0%, 19%, 32.5%, and 37% depending on the income.

2. Capital gains tax: It is paid on your net gains when you sell or dispose off your assets.

3. Corporation tax: It is the tax paid by companies on their net income. Both public and private companies are liable to pay this tax.

4. Goods and services tax (GST): GST is the tax imposed on the goods which are sold to the general public for consumption. It is the consumer who pays the tax, yet it is collected by the business who sells the goods and then, later on, submit it to the Government. It is safe to say that the businesses which sell the commodities act as an intermediary between the consumer and the Government of Australia.

Direct Taxation VS Indirect Taxation

A direct tax is a tax that is paid directly by the individual or Corporation on whom it is imposed by the Government. Few examples of the direct tax are Income tax and Corporation tax.

Indirect tax is a tax that is paid through an intermediary to the Government. A classic example of an indirect tax is the GST tax. The business which sells the goods collects the tax from the consumer and then later submits it to the Government.

You can file for your tax returns and payments or you can hire our professional tax accountant to help. At Easy tax, we aim to provide our best services to every client, especially to those who do not know a lot about taxes. We calculate your taxes for you and advise you about which of the tax methods would suit your business the best.More information to follow”.

Reasons To Choose Bee Finance Savvy

Buying a home could be a difficult task until you have mortgage brokers. If you do not have enough money to buy a house but you are in need of that, then it is still possible for you to buy your house by taking a mortgage loan or home loan. Things have gone so advanced now that the life of every person has been easy, if you do not have enough money saved in your vault, then it is not that big problem as well. When you plan to take a mortgage loan for your home, you think about it wisely because it is a very difficult task, you need plannings about how you are going to repay such a big amount. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a mortgage broker Caringbah who can assist you with solving all the problems you face during the process of a mortgage loan, he will give you advice and suggestions as well. But also it is necessary to choose the right person for the right work, you need to select a broker which assist you with all your requirements, a broker which has a great experience and lenders from whom they can lend money. Bee Finance Savvy helps you taking the right decision when you plan to take a mortgage loan, our services always meet up to the requirements of an individual and our staff is very friendly with whom you can work freely. There will not be any sort of pressure on our client, our experts will treat the situation in such a way that everything goes smoothly with no worries. Here are some of the reasons to choose us:

We keep you up to date:

Every client has the right to know about the process of their work, therefore we keep them up to date of every step that has occurred during the application process. You will be aware of everything that is going on and nothing will be done without you knowing it. This is how we strive to satisfy our customers.

Expert Advice:

We have a large number of expert brokers who have good contacts with so many lenders; we first try to go through your situation and then provide you with the lenders accordingly. Every lender has got his own policy due to which not every client is suitable and feasible with every lender. We make sure that your need is matched perfectly with the lender to avoid any sort of difficulty and obstacle for you to have your own beautiful home.

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