All types of dogs have their own pros and cons. They are all lovable pets and very famous for their loyalty. Just as much small Dog Breeds are also well known for their cute and deceiving looks. Deceiving because they seem to not know how to fight back with their size but just like how Chihuahuas are known for they are “small but terrible” type of dogs. In this article, you are to find out what are the pro’s in getting small dog breeds as your pet and will soon end up being a part of your family. 

Easy to Handle

Small dog breeds can be carried whenever and wherever you want to. You could walk them in the park and if they get into a fight you can easily carry or take them some place else. Taking a shower will not be that hard and you can easily catch them because of their cute little feet. They can even be brought with you in your vacation getaway, restaurants or stalls that allows small dogs inside their places. Travelling will make it less harder for you since you may even put them inside hand carry bags or even designated strollers for small dog breeds. You can bring them to a better dog day care if you are busy.

Consumption of Necessities

The smaller the better because you will only be needing less of everything rather than that of a medium-sized dog. Your consumption of shampoo, food, treats, toys and others will be saving you up some money. Your veterinarian or a doggy day care Greenwich will also charge you less if you have a smaller dog breed type of dog because the size is also important in the medications that will be given to you.

Very Friendly and Smart

They don’t usually care if you have guests inside your home because they are used to seeing people go inside and outside your home but because they are intelligent they also tend to know if a person has bad motives inside your home. The good thing about this is if you trained them to be friendly your visitors won’t be scared going inside your home because they’re just small and even those who are scared of dogs tend to love them as well!

Irresistibly Cute and Loyal

Being a small dog breed they only focus on their owners and feel that it is their responsibility to love you and of course every species main goal in life is to reproduce. Living in a small space won’t be a problem with these small dog breeds. They could even play around and not feel that they are inside a compressed area which will not make them stress out.